If your looking for beautiful post cards, prints, pillows, mini skirts, phone cases, bags, mousepads, cups and more, with my art, please visit my my store at redbubble and take a look around.  I will be adding new products regularly.  So keep dropping by to say hello whenever you have time.   Feel free to ask me for something you are looking for.  

Thanks for coming by again.


Welcome to my first published photography book (also available as an e-book) with images from the Munich rural area, especially the Ammersee in Bavaria. This book serves as a "teaser" for my fans. As it is an "Instagram style" book (4x4), it shows excerpts of the original images.  Enjoy.


If you see photography you would be interested to purchase and they are not on Redbubble, please email me.  

We certainly can make that possible.