Ammersee Ghost DIGITAL ART

In June 2009, I experimented with digital art.  My very first "masterpiece" is this called  "Ammersee Ghost".  I had just moved to the lake "Ammersee" and spend all of my time there outside of work.   In Herrsching, before I went home, the clouds and weather was beginning to change...a storm coming up.  Whilst most people disappeared, even the bench was free again, I stayed.   Just a little bit longer I thought.  It was worth it.  The basis of this photograph was from the upcoming storm mood.  The rest of the tweaks I would call it were inpired by the spookyness of the moment.   I needed a ghost.  I had this photo on the wall from old days, that the Bildzeitung took of me once to find Ms. Munich....I thought that fit well, so I integrated that in very mysterious ways, as well as the moon.  Maybe I should rethink the Name of the photo to Blue Moon Ammersee

But I have always loved the mood and atmosphere of the magical Ammersee, which, when I see this photograph, it reminds me how lucky I am to live here.

Many of my photographs are for sale in my online either a poster, on Alu-Dibond, under Acrylic glas or on canvas as this picture.

Why not take a look.:​​​​​​​